What Every Person Needs To Know About Mini Importation Business

Hello Good day, My Name Is Mariam Jonathan,since my 5 years of experience in importing goods From China ,i have met and seen many newbies in this business who thought Mini importation business is all about ordering or sourcing for product, then sending them down and looking for buyers and sell,and i’m sure you may think the same as well, if you think so well my dear you are wrong, there is more to it, let me tell you my experience, and also mistakes people into mini importation business has made and some are still making this mistakes,i also made this mistakes on my first year of starting mini importation business….Please note if you don’t know anything about mini importation business or you just getting started, i will introduce a free video training that will teach you the basic steps of what it all about okey? so just be patient and read on….

To be a successful importer there are certain things you must know and be able to do, being a successful importer doesn’t just involve importing goods from 1688, or Alibaba down to Nigeria to start selling or promoting, there are millions of products you can import from 1688 for as low as 1$, but you cant just import any cheap product down to Nigeria and expect to sell it, you need to look for products that brings solutions to most common problems faced in Nigeria today,security is one of them ,you can get product that can help parents keep tracks of their children when they are away and also be able to know or hear what going on around them,there are many more products as such that you can import,and you can start up with as low as 20-50k and you will be making passive income by selling this products , not just importing shoes and bags,phones, computers because other people are going into it(though if that is your niche and you are doing fine with it then no problems,), be exceptional, stand out from the crowd and you will see sale coming in like wild fire, read my experience below, i also used this strategy by selling the most demanding products by about 60% of men, the products are sexual enhancement products ,(don’t get me wrong, not saying you should import sexual enhancement product) most men today experience quick ejaculation and some wants to enlarge their Manhood ,so imagine importing such effective products down to Nigeria, well i did that and sold like crazy, you will see the product below,, though if you already have your niche , and it going well for you then stick to it, but my advice for you is to always sell hot selling product to avoid holding down your money with products you are not able to sell quick….

When i started importation business then, i Paid to get a PDF on it, i read through and was able to know about buying from 1688 at a very cheaper rate and also order and ship down to Nigeria from china through NBC sky logistics ,..so i gave it a try, searched for hot selling product with 4 or 5 star ratings and bought, import down to Nigeria ,but to my surprise as i go to receive my Goods , it was weighed ,and i had to pay ,more for shipping ,meaning the shipping price was much than the price i bought the goods from china, had no choice but to pay, though that did not stop me from gaining alot, but the price i sold those product was times 20, because i bought them for 1$ and sold at 10k, look at the product below

look at the price, 1 yuan then was 59naira ,meaning i bought this product less than 200 naira,now look at the price i posted it for sell on my website
see? i sold for 10k ,

I got 30 pieces of this, i sold them all in 2 months which was slow to me, i kept on doing this till i finally got what i was missing After watching a video presentation from an E-commerce Expert Named Partick Ogidi(he is also known as the grand commander of mini importation business in Nigeria, you can search for him on google and see he is a real deal, i do advertise on Facebook yes but i was still missing something, if you already know about paid advert on Facebook without using funnels then you are missing a lot ,After applying the new strategy i found out, i’m able to sell More than 30 pieces of this titan Gel in 6 days sometimes less, and i’m also able to learn how to dominate 1688 to buy at the most cheapest rate as possible, and also other shipping company that is more cheaper, and also all contacts of hot selling products Agents in China, Meaning i can buy directly from this sellers without being scammed, without having to pay Nbc logistics for that, meaning i wont have to send them link of what i want to buy on whatsapp

here is one of the picture of the hottest product im talking about, If you see this even you will be willing to buy it,

look at this watch now , every parent will be willing to buy it ,because this watch enable you track you childs where about,and also listen to discussion around your child from your phone at any given period of time

Now guess how much this cost on 1688

look at the prices here the first one is about 150 yuan which is 7800 and others cost more,here you may be confused on which is authentic and which to buy

You need not worry i will show you a video training Produced My An Expert Named Pat Ogidi, his video training taught me the secret to get this product,and other products much cheaper than i could ever imagine, and even got my own label for them ,let Me explain What you will be getting on this free video

what you Get From Watching The Free Video

  • How to source for hottest selling and authentic product at a very fair and cheap rate,
  • Links to top 20 hottest selling product you can sell within a week in Nigeria
  • How you Can use Facebook Ads and funnels to sell all product within a week or less to all people in all state in Nigeria And Other African countries like Ghana, Tanzania
  • Names and contacts of shipping and delivery companies in Nigeria that can help you deliver your products to your customers in which ever state they are within a very short period of time, you will also learn how you can access them
  • you will also learn how you can add your products on jumia,konga for free while they help you sell your products and get commissions, they will also take care of the deliveries for you
  • Step by step process how you can advertise on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and google at a very much cheaper rate,and how to target the right audience,so you will be advertising your products to the right people, because this reason is why many Facebook advertisers fail in advertising and end up wasting money
  • How to Automate Your sales with Funnels to make more sales and profits
  • How to design an effective online system for selling your imported products

Of course, this business isn’t for everyone. you need at least 50k to start this

But if you really want to take this serious, I would recommend that you watch this video training from Patrick Ogidi so you wont make the mistakes other importers make

Click the button below to get access to the video training.

Click Here To Watch Free Video

This business is straightforward but many people still fail at it because they don’t understand how it works.

I want you to succeed with this and that is why I want you to watch this intensive 1 hour+ video training by the E-commerce expert (Patrick Ogidi) where he explains how you can start a smart e-commerce business and make it profitable within a few weeks.

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is – IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you follow the simple rules that Mr. Patrick explains in the video above

This business is actually an improved form of trading.

And trading (also known as buying and selling) is the most guaranteed form of business on earth

What you are doing here is – You are buying wanted quality products for lower prices and you are selling them for very good profits

And you are doing it without having to sit down in a shop waiting for customers.

Instead, customers will be the ones to contact you.

It is now your decision to make.

Watch the video training to get started


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